Earth Work: Oct 2018
SPILL, Ipswich

I am really excited to be presenting and performing my new piece Earth Work at The SPILL Festival of Performance.

Earth Work is an exploration of the private rituals that I have devised, to see me through the dark times, connecting the disconnect, attempting to stay grounded in a world which appears (to me) timeless, distant, surreal, fleeting and over whelming. The ritual involves working with earth, three actions that portray an urgency to be connected and reconnected in order to keep the psyche and caporal whole. The ritual is repeated over and over again until the point of exhaustion. (Physical and Mental) Then and only then can a feeling of peace and calm can be restored.
Earth Work was originally conceived and performed for camera working as a guest artist with the Pacitti Company on the film installation Moving Mountains 2015. LINK TO BROCHURE PAGE


A Descent into Glamour: Oct 2018
Nuit Blanche, Brussels

I am very pleased to be performing A Descent into Glamour as part of the Nuit Blanche festival in Brussels. It is a fantastic opportunity to present the piece in a totally new space and with each performance the work develops and transforms, no tow performances are ever the same.

A woman descends a grand staircase wearing a sumptuous pink satin gown inspired by Christian Dior. The train continues to unfold as she walks, filling and dressing the space effortlessly. Evoking nostalgia for a glamorous era long gone. A visual feast to behold.

However all is not as it seems to be. Beneath the surface A Descent into Glamour raises many issues, especially those around female invisibility, the physical presence a woman is permitted to take up in the landscape, past and present notions about the quest for the “perfect female form” and the cost at which this is achieved?

‘A Descent into Glamour’ was originally commissioned for ‘Stay’ at the Great Eastern Hotel and was part of the Escalator Visual Arts programme. Supported by Commissions East and Arts Council England East. The piece was revised and especially staged for the 2014 SPILL Festival Of Performance – On Surrender in Ipswich


OAG – Sept 12th 2018
Pacitti Company Think Tank, Ipswich

Facilitated by Giovanna Maria Casetta and Robert Pacitti, the older artists group invites makers age 50+ to discuss issues that arise from being older, especially becoming invisible, or being viewed as the “old guard” whilst still working flat out for change. The group is friendly and welcoming and provides a safe space for discussion.