SPILL Festival of Performance 2016

It is exciting to be presenting my walking tour as part of SPILL 2016 I am really looking forward to immersing myself in the festival and experiencing so many wonderful events and witnessing ground breaking and innovative work.

Sweet Charity

Alternative Walking Tour

A little known fact, Ipswich has the largest amount of Charity Shops in Suffolk. There are treasures and bargains aplenty, ranging from the designer to the kitsch. The tour involves visiting my Top Ten Charity shops all located with in the Town Centre of Ipswich. Throughout the walk visitors will be encouraged to engage and discover from the stock available, what sort of people make up our rich and varied community that is Ipswich and through clothing and objects how our cultural landscape may be mapped. Every object has a history and story to be told. Sweet Charity will provide the tourist with a unique insight into an alternative Ipswich which is vibrant and flourishing and a chance to bag a bargain on route. At the end of the walk each tourist will be presented with a souvenir map of the charity shops that have been visited.

The Tour will last for 45mins. All the shops are located within a short walking distance of each other with good accessibility.

I am a self confessed obsessive and Charity Shop expert, since living in Ipswich (almost 25 years) I can map the town through it’s extensive range of second hand shops. A few years ago I decided to become an alternative consumer, buying the majority of products from Charity Shops. I have experience of managing projects, giving talks and lectures. The ability to present my knowledge and expertise in an engaging, informative and entertaining manner. A passion and excitement for being a “second hand rose” and a yearning to share these experiences.

Click here for Sweet Charity at SPILL

Giovanna Maria Casetta

October 2016