Giovanna Maria Casetta has been working in Live Art since 1996. The theme that constantly runs through her practice is concerned with the fragility that exists surrounding identity and the concept that nothing is quite what it appears to be.



This has lead to her recent and on going explorations into notions of memory defining identity and presence. If one can no longer remember, then does that mean that one no longer exists? From this stems Casetta’s latest body of work, which sets out to forensically investigate notions of live art and how an event is remembered and what traces remain to prove an event has been staged. Her approach to the work is experimental; boundaries are there to be challenged and constraints to be pushed. The surface is there to be scrached and what lies beneath uncovered.

Giovanna Maria Cassetta’s work is realised through the media of performance and film. She has specifically chosen to work in 8mm because it enhances and highlights the issues she explores. Its quality has a fragility within it which can draw the viewer into feeling nostalgia, a fragment of memory, something lost that is regained for a moment, which in turn provokes emotional responses.

Giovanna Maria Casetta studied Fine Art at London Guildhall University and gained a first class honours degree. Since graduating Casetta has shown work both nationally and internationally. Alongside her art practice she lectures part-time in media studies at a Juvenille Offenders Institute.

Previous work includes:

  • On Landguard Point – Artist’s taking the Lead, Pacitti Company 2011 –2012. One of the Guest artists applying forensic techniques after selected performances had taken place and presenting the evidence uncovered. This work was made for camera and will be part of the film – On Landguard Point (premiering at Ipswich Film Theatre on Thursday 21 June 2012. Click here for details).
  • A Descent into Glamour & Darling is This How…. – Especially commissioned by Commissions East – Escalator Visual Arts – Stay –The Great Eastern Hotel London.
  • Looking Good – Commissioned for Kettles Yard and @Home.
  • The Blood-Letting 6 The Gift – London Kanonhallen Copenhagen Mixmaster Live Art Festival.