A Descent into Glamour

A Descent Into Glamour has been especially restaged for the SPILL Festival of Performance 2014 taking place on October the 29th in Ipswich. I am very excited about performing this piece again after a hiatus of seven years. Re visiting this work has opened up a critical dialogue exploring issues around the notions of femininity, feminism, control, visibility and ageing. Through this dialogue I am currently writing a Mythology of the work. Each time A Descent Into Glamour is performed it appears that the Pink Dress worn has gathered and continues to gather a life of its own almost separate to that of the creator and artist. Each mark and trace left behind on the dress has a unique story to tell.

A Descent Into Glamour was originally commissioned by Escalator Visual Arts East and Commissions East for the show Stay at the Great Eastern Hotel London – Supported by the Arts Council England and Commissions East.

Descent Into Glamour


Artist in Search of New Strategies

Artist in Search of New Strategies is a research and development project taking place from March 2014 to March 2015. This period of R&D is exploring strategies to sustain my artistic practice and take it into the next phase. For this project I am being mentored by Robert Pacitti – Artistic Director of the Pacitti Company.

Artist in Search of New Strategies is funded by Arts Council England



I am currently compiling and collecting memories for the Ebook that will be launched in October 2015 The Ebook is an exciting part of the project. Re-reading memories and interviewing people about their experiences of the events has brought back to my mind many memorable moments of the performances. The Sound Artist, Colin Passfield, is working alongside me producing a soundscape to accompany the images and text.


Art Scene Investigators – On the Road

Art Scene Investigations will be hitting the road  2015 with a touring show. The shows will be a unique experience. Offering a new incarnation at each venue where it is staged.

Watch this space for dates and venues.

Art Scene Investigators: Background

My current project stems from the fact that I am fascinated with all things forensic. Especially Locard’s principle “Every Contact Leaves a Trace” When these traces are collected they form a body of evidence, which builds up a picture and presents the viewer with a scientific account of events past. Our memories are often in conflict with this. Everyone remembers in a unique way and the witness accounts given of a particular event will more than often greatly differ in content. Memories are fragile and can be triggered by revisiting the scene of an event, being asked questions framed in a particular way, smells, visuals and sounds.

Art Scene Investigators explores the concepts around how we remember Live Art/Performance Events, why we only recall certain aspects, what triggers these and when presented with the physical evidence of what has taken place, how our perceptions may change? The last twelve months have been an exciting period researching, designing and producing a performance around this dichotomy. It has involved consulting with CSI at Think Forensic www.thinkforensic.co.uk and together with the creative producer undertaking a practical training session, exploring various forensic processes. Working with a Sound Artist, consulting with Lois Keidan – Live Arts DevelopementAgency www.thisisliveart.co.uk, performer Sheila Ghelani www.sheilaghelani.co.uk and interviewing audience members. From the evidence gathered an interactive performance has been created.

The Arts Scene Investigators team are Giovanna Maria Casetta, Sue Milnthorpe, Colin Passfield and Amy Sage

Art Scene Investigators is supported by the Escalator 2012 Live Art Programme run by Anthony Roberts, Colchester Arts Centre, and The Arts Council England.

Double Exposures

I am one of the featured artists collaborating with renowned photographer Manuel Vason on the exciting project Double Exposures. The website for the project has recently been launched and is well worth a visit. Click here for details


Forensics At the Table @ The Pacitti Company Think Tank, Ipswich

The evening proved to be an exciting success. The Guest speaker Lois Keidan began the proceedings talking about the recent experience of having to select a series of images for a Live Art publication and the memories evoked of the performances that had taken place from revisiting the photographs. As Lois was speaking the CSI Sue Procter and Jo Mallard from Think Forensic did a sweep of the building tracing the footsteps of the audience, gathering evidence as they went.

The guests were surprised at the discoveries made and this has been referred to in their collected memories – “a heeltap left that betrayed me” and “lipstick traces will always give you away.” Some of the guests volunteered to have fibers taken from their clothes and anaylised under the microscope, one fiber revealed that a guest had been in close proximity to a sheep, how and why has not been disclosed, the jury is still out on this one.

Everyone enjoyed the interactive and nature of the supper and left wanting more “ I wanted more interaction between the protagonists and the supper guests. I would have liked more analysis and testing to have been done on the spot, may be at the supper table as part of the supper (what were we eating?)” The scientific and the visual inspired memories “The two ladies from the CSI team were brilliant – so informative, I learnt a lot. Really interesting to hear about their cool, systematic and forensic approach yet they were so human, like your favorite aunties and yet their job required them to be detached and very methodical. Their role in court proceedings was also very interesting. They were very aware of their responsibility, and how any mistakes they made could have very real consequences for the accused. I remember the embroidered napkins too; I think mine had the outline of a figure in red from a crime scene – very CSI. A lovely visual touch.”

The evening from my perspective was very inspiring and I am currently enjoying working with the physical and remembered evidence of this event.





Forensic at the Table – The Installation

11.am to 4pm, 24th and 25th May @ The Pacitti Company Think Tank – www.pacitti.com

Examining and collating the visual, physical and audio from the evening was a vast undertaking. The team worked very hard to ensure that at the end of the day a visual and audio landscape presented itself, a still life evoking memories of the Forensic Supper that had taken place on the proceeding evening. The sound scape and physical evidence on view provided an eerie setting for the real and imagined of what had happened.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Pacitti Company – Robert Pacitti- James Gory and Jules Devonshire  – The Artsi Team – Sue Milnthorpe, Colin Passfield, Michaela Casetta, Amy Sage, Sebastian Shallcross and Dave Gregory – Lois Keidan and Think Forensics who all made this event a success.



Performance at Colchester Arts Centre: 7th of March 2013

The main memories from the evening turned out to be those around the social occasion of the event. Others included dressing up in the crime suit and being part of the team. When asking leading questions I was surprised with the answers, as the staged events around the performance had mainly gone unnoticed. Other occurrences which had not been staged I was asked about and questioned as to weather they had been staged. This is a really interesting concept about how we remember and relate memories to an Event.

The amount of evidence gathered was phenomenal and I am still collating and photographing! I have been preparing microscopic slides of fluids, hair and fibres. One piece of evidence has been evolving in form; arriving home after the performance I had a beer bottle with a small amount of beer in it. The beer has beautifully fermented, with a thin mould forming on the top. Definitely one for the microscope.

Two pieces of evidence are firmly ingrained in my memory a finger nail clipping and a phone number, the investigator who found the number dialled it and engaged in an interesting conversation. There are a number of coincidences around this phone call, to be revealed at a later date.

I asked people to write down what three words would sum up their experience of the event: This is a Random selection


Following the performance at Colchester I have a plethora of new ideas to explore and develop for future performances. This is a very exciting time for Art Scene Investigators.

And a big thank you to Anthony Roberts and all the staff at Colchester Arts Centre, the performers, the Art Scene Investigators team and of course the audience.

 Art Scene Investigators

Art Scene Investigators is being premiered at Colchester Arts Centre on the 7th of March 2013. Using a range of forensic processes to gather the evidence, this interactive performance promises to challenge your perception of an event, test your memory and, through cold scientific reasoning, find out what really took place at the previous night’s performance. It is advisable to attend the performance taking place on the 6th March 2013 but not essential. For details of booking please contact Colchester Arts Centre (Tel: 01206 500900)

The Arts Scene Investigators team are Giovanna Maria Casetta, Sue Milnthorpe, Colin Passfield and Amy Sage

Art Scene Investigators is supported by the Escalator 2012 Live Art Programme run by Anthony Roberts, Colchester Arts Centre, and The Arts Council England.


My film “ The Death of The Non Blonde Blonde” part one a Celebration, is being shown as part of the exhibition “Flicker” at Smiths Row Gallery, Bury St Edmunds, which celebrates the use of 8mm film and those that use this medium to create work. Click here for details.



The Anatomy of a Performance

The Anatomy of a Performance was a research project which investigated how we remember and recall performance/ Live Art Events and how these memories are unique to the individual. An important aspect of this research was how the physical remains can be evidenced to show and confirm that a performance/ live art event has taken place and in turn how this evidence can stimulate the memory. During my research I decided to look at forensic processes both the physical and psychological used by crime scene investigators and discover the possibilities of applying these to Live Art Events. The answer being yes it is possible. What stands out from the research is that indeed our memories are unique, one audience member commented, “I can’t remember anything, I need time to think about this” at being interviewed straight after event. There is a strong sense that our memories are effected by the mood we are in when we attend a performance:

Yes your experience is never just that of the work itself but is always tempered, or influenced, by your own state of mind at the time…its like Alain De Botton’s idea of going on holiday to get away from your grumpy self only to realise that your grumpy self has gone with you. You cannot disassociate yourself from yourself when you see performance.” Lois Keidan – Live Art Development Agency

And the fact that physical traces are left behind: “Every contact leaves a trace” – Locard’s Principle, which forms the basis for modern forensic science.

The Anatomy of a performance was developed into a series of performances and Live Art Events to be staged  in 2013.

The work will premiere at Colchester Arts Centre.

The Anatomy of A Performance was supported by the Escalator 2011 Live Art Programme run by Anthony Roberts, Colchester Arts Centre, and by Arts Council England.

On Languard Point

A film by the Pacitti Company featuring performance, prose, myth, music and spectacular visuals. Inspired by the histories and culture of the East of England, On Landguard Point explores diverse ideas of home and exists at an intersection between live performance, community and cinema – where local people and places really do become the stars of the show. Shot in Felixstowe, this was the East of England’s contribution to the Cultural Olympiad. Featuring Giovanna Maria Casetta as an invited artist.

A Descent into Glamour- Giovanna Maria Casetta

Giovanna Maria Casetta presented a fantasy of femininity through the medium of film. It brings the artist’s concerns with notions of beauty and identity to life in a most eye-catching manner.